🎉 New Features:

  • Added useful UI tips during app sign-up process

🔨 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed teleportation boundaries on the doors of the rooms in the Lake House
  • Fixed an issue where “affirmative” labeled thoughts recorded through the Thought Logs feature in the companion app incorrectly show up in the lanterns in the Woods of Wisdom for reframing
  • Optimized lantern dimmer interactions for indicating user thought impact levels
  • Fixed an issue with the projector replay audio overlapping with Ari audio during Identifying Cognitive Distortions Part 2 Tutorial
  • Fixed sound effects for table slots in the Long-Term Goals Setting activity
  • Added Ari narrative optimizations in multiple chapters
  • Implemented flow enhancements for Identifying Cognitive Distortions Practice
  • Fixed Ari flow issues for Values Setting Activity Tutorial

🪲 Known Bugs:

  • Choosing “Resend SMS” button during sign-up freezes the visual countdown timer for phone number confirmation and doesn’t resend the intended SMS
  • The Scrapbook doesn’t show the chapter you’re on at the beginning of each chapter
  • Empty planters placed on the ground in the Garden automatically grow radish plants even if no seeds had been planted in them
  • Ari incorrectly says extra dialogue lines during their end-of-chapter message to the user in Chapter 15