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First Resort is a Virtual Reality game built for your mental wellness.

As you step into the immersive, lake-side retreat, you’re joined by an unusual companion—the quirky, endearing guide Ari. This place is designed for you, but you aren’t the first one to pass through its doors—the encouraging notes left by other travelers tell the story of how First Resort has impacted their lives.

Together you and Ari journey through a series of experiences that turn cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles into embodied and interactive experiences. You physically interact with CBT techniques at First Resort; mounting your values on the wall, practicing mindfulness surrounded by soothing scenery, and holding and restructuring your thoughts in your hands.

Playing First Resort helps you engage in healthy practices to manage worry, stress, and sadness. You may learn to calm your mind. You may decide it’s finally time to do that bucket list item or make friends with someone new. With First Resort, you play for real life.

How does it work?

First Resort was designed with leading psychologists to make CBT principles more interactive and accessible through the power of Virtual Reality (VR). The experience blends the wonder and awe found in well-designed games with practices like mindfulness, values sorting, cognitive restructuring, and goal-setting that have been proven to help people for decades.

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