🎉 New Features:

  • Implemented a new look and expanded the Portal Room in the Lake House
  • Added Lake House experiential updates for ambiance
  • Updated the sound effects in the Winter Woods Mindfulness environment to offer more sense of comfort and relaxation
  • Added interaction effects to the Study Room objects like the books, plaques, tiles and drawers
  • Added interaction effects to the Woods of Wisdom objects like the lantern and the candlestick

🔨 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with email field during sign-up not displaying all characters for long email addresses
  • Fixed teleportation boundaries on the walls of the Lake House
  • Fixed an issue where Ari did not leave during the Mindfulness Tutorial in Chapter 2 after the activity introduction
  • Increased pointer distance in Garden environment
  • Fixed broken texture for fully grown apple tree in the Garden
  • Added Garden Tutorial flow optimizations
  • Fixed sound effects for table drawers in the Long-Term Goals Setting activity
  • Replaying the description of each distortion type using the crank on the projector is now enabled
  • Fixed issue with some predefined thoughts being mapped to the wrong distortion types
  • Added visual updates to the lanterns in the Woods of Wisdom
  • Changed Gating Mechanism for next Chapter access starting in Chapter 4 – now allowing users to unlock the next chapter at any time of their choosing upon completion of required chapter activities
  • Fixed broken FAQ URL link in Companion App

🪲 Known Bugs:

  • Doors in the Lake House do not have teleportation boundaries
  • Choosing “Resend SMS” button during sign-up freezes the visual countdown timer for phone number confirmation and doesn’t resend the intended SMS
  • Sign-up pages have minor typo errors
  • The Scrapbook doesn’t show the chapter you’re on at the beginning of each chapter
  • Empty planters placed on the ground in the Garden automatically grow radish plants even if no seeds had been planted in them
  • The dimmer on the lantern locks after turning it all the way in one direction in Chapter 6, not enabling the user to change their impact level if desired
  • Projector audio for distortion type replays can overlap with Ari audio during the Identifying Cognitive Distortions Part 2 Tutorial
  • Ari incorrectly says extra dialogue lines during their end-of-chapter message to the user in Chapter 15
  • Affirmative labeled thoughts logged through the companion mobile app incorrectly show up in the Lanterns in the Woods of Wisdom